Sep 2nd New Xtreme DDoS Protected VPS Offer - $19.99/yr!

VPS-AD-NODC2-SP-1 Limited Special Price At: $19.99 USD Annually LOCATION: SANDEFJORD, NORWAY CPU Count: 1 Core 3.4Ghz + RAM: 1024 MB Storage: 30 GB SSD Connection: 1 Gb/s Shared Bandwidth: 1TB/month Instant DeliveryKVM Based1 IPv4 AddressXtreme DDoS ProtectionVPS Control Panel In Stock   Read More »

Aug 22nd VPS SALE - Anti-DDoS - 1 Core w/ HT - 1.5GB RAM - 25GB Storage - 1GB/s ($2.08/mo. USD)

VPS-AD-FRA8-SP-1 Limited Special Price At: $24.99 USD Annually LOCATION: FRANKFURT, GERMANY EU CPU Count: 1 Core w/ HT (2t) RAM: 1536 MB Storage: 25 GB Connection: 1 Gb/s Shared Instant DeliveryKVM Based1 IPv4 AddressDDoS ProtectionVPS Control Panel Low Stock VPS-AD-FRA8-SP2 Limited Special ... Read More »

Aug 20th ""The Xtreme 2.0" DDoS-Protected VPS - New Location Available

A new location is available for ordering that is equipped with "The Xtreme 2.0" Anti-DDoS protection. NYC01 - New York, New York, Order here.   Starting at $7/mo. or $90 a year for Xtreme protection!!! FYI: Don't forget you can also use Tunnels, VPN, and other resources on this VPS to protect your services. Believe it or not, we encourage ... Read More »

Aug 19th Mind-blowing New DDoS Protection v2.0 "The Xtreme" incoming at New Locations!

     Our Technical Team has been working around the clock in order to deploy more protection services for your services. DDoS Attacks are on the rise but we have created new ways to mitigate and kill the attacks before they reach your website, server, or services.       As most of you have noticed, we have been making major changes behind ... Read More »