Control and power at your fingertips.

Xtremeprovider's main commitment is 100% customer satifisfaction, Our Promise - Money Back Guarantee

 Instant Deployment

Save time by configuring and deploying your new virtual private server in just a few minutes. Our automated server provisioning service provide fast delivery and setup of your new server.

KVM Based Virtualization

Our virtual private servers are KVM based and matched with the latest and greatest hardware to deliver remarkable performance. Every server is paired with a 1Gbps network connection on one of our low-latency upsteam links to provide blazing fast network speeds.

Scalable Resources

With our scalable options, you have main control over the resources you require to run your applications and services. Scale your virtual private server resources at anytime with just a few clicks.

Semi-Managed Service

You have full root accesss and control when it comes to being a system administrator of your server. Our trained technicians only control and maintain the host server to provide optimal performance.

XP Control Panel

With our control panel you will have all available features and options to manage your server. Our development team still honors feature requests and implements them regularly.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Xtremeprovider commits to providing every customer with the best service during the whole term of customer relationship. We have extended our normal "7" day policy to a "30 Day Money Back Guarantee".

Available to you with one-click install.

  • AlmaLinux 8.6 64bits
  • AlmaLinux 9.0 64bits
  • CentOS 7.9 64bits
  • CentOS 8 64bits
  • cPanel
  • Debian 9.4 64bits
  • Debian 10 64bits
  • Debian 11 64bits
  • Docker
  • Fedora 34 64bits
  • OpenVPN
  • Rocky Linux 8.4
  • Scientific Linux 7.4
  • Suse 15.1 64bits
  • Ubuntu 18.04 64bits
  • Ubuntu 20.04 64bits
  • Ubuntu 22.04 64bits
  • Webuzo