1. Activate the XCloud service to enable portal access.
  No monthly charges or activation fees, XCloud Portal access is always free!
  Accessible from your Xtremeprovider account manager makes it simple to manage.

New Customers:

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Current Customers:

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2. Select a location from one of our top-tier datacenters to deploy your new instance.   Locations currently available on XCloud:
  LAX1 - Los Angeles, CA (USA)
  MIA1 - Miami, FL (USA)
  MTL1 - Montreal, QC (Canada)
  NODC2 - Sandefjord, NO (Europe)
  FRA8 - Frankfurt, DE (Europe)
3. Choose from multiple hardware resource plans available at the selected location.
  Plans are billed hourly untill the set monthly rate is reached, no overages or additional fees.
  Scale as you grow lets you upgrade your instance resources in just a few clicks.
4. Select an OS from our templates or upload and use your own custom ISO.
  Launch and destroy instances with no limits.
  Store two custom ISO in your XCloud Portal for easy access.



Standard DDoS filtering and mitigation included for your protection.


Control and manage your instances easily with the XCloud Portal.


Blazing fast 1 Gb/s low-latency network connection.


(1) Static IPv4 address included, additional available to order.


Automated provisioning deploys your instance immediately.


Hourly and monthly billing available for all cloud plans.

Secure Backups

Free automated daily instance backups with one click restore.

Technical Support

Available 24/7, 365 days of year via multiple channels.

Frequently Answered Questions

What is hourly billing?

You are charged the hourly rate for the service up to its monthly cap. Lets say you you create a 2GB instance and delete it after 12 hours of use, you would be billed $0.17 (12 hours x .0014/hr). You will receive an invoice on the first day of every month from the previous months usage. Payment collection occurs automatically once an invoice gets generated and deducts from your Xtremeprovider account balance.

How am I billed?

The XCloud service collects funds from your available Xtremeprovider account balance. You must load funds to your account to be able to launch instances from the XCloud. The billing system creates invoices on the 1st of the month and settles the balance of used cloud time from your account balance.

Can you help?

We stand by "Scale as you grow" to help keep costs down and making it easier for you to budget. This means to start small and build your instance up as your service requires more hardware resources. This is made possible easily because you can upgrade or downgrade your instance in just a few clicks. Don't forget! As a valued Xtremeprovider customer you also have access to our highly trained sales team that is available to assist you Monday through Friday 8:00AM EST to 5:00PM EST.